• Investment Performance

    TekPAR is our core Performance, Attribution and Risk service for the asset management middle office. Built on the Teknometry platform the service provides an on-demand investment analysis application that enables you to quickly and accurately calculate return, attribution and risk statistics. Read more…

  • GIPS Administration

    Simplify the processes involved in becoming and remaining GIPS compliant by using TekGAM to create and maintain Firms, Composites and Portfolios and supporting data.

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  • Teknometry Extensions

    TekGEN and TekAPI are extensions to the Teknometry platform that provide access to the system functionality and data via web services. TekAPI can be used with a wide range of application and TekGEN is an add-in specifically for Excel.
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  • Peer Group Universes

    The Teknometry CIG Charity Fund Universe has been established by Teknometry in conjunction with the Charity Investors’ Group (CIG) to provide a representative peer group for the analysis of UK charity fund investment performance, initially in the multi-asset sector.

    The Universe has nine founding participant investment management firms providing data on over 1,300 portfolios that represented £14.5bn of UK charity fund assets at the end of March 2017.

    Each founding participant has supplied data for the five-year period ending 31st December 2016 at a total portfolio return level in order to give the universe a meaningful history from the launch. Going forward we will be broadening the data collection and analysis to include asset allocation and yield data, in order to provide further insight into UK charity fund investment performance.

    • Quarterly service provides insight in to UK Charity Fund Performance
    • Reports available around 3 weeks after the quarter end
    • Teknometry portal used to upload data, download reports and run comparative analysis.

    The average UK charity fund returns for the period ending 30th June 2017 are shown in the table below.

    Last 3 Months % Last 6 Months % Last 9 Months % Last 12 Months %
    1.35 4.88 7.84 14.79

    The above information must not be used for comparison purposes where the fund being compared to the universe is not a constituent of the universe.

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Investment Analysis Services – Anywhere. Anytime.

Teknometry was established in 2011 by a group of investment performance and technology specialists with the aim of providing cloud-based investment analysis services for asset managers. Our initial service offering was TekPAR, a performance, attribution and risk analysis solution, which was developed over two years and was launched in 2013, following the take-on of the first clients.

In contrast to the traditional software business model, our aim is to use our industry expertise to deliver a service oriented approach, utilising our innovative and easy to use analysis platform, coupled with high availability and scalability. As a result, all our services can be used from any geographic location, 24 hours a day.

Further information about the technology behind our award-winning service…

Discover why Royal London Asset Management, part of the UK’s largest mutual life and pensions company, managing over £70 billion of assets, chose Teknometry. Read our case study…

Key People

Mick Brant has been in the investment performance business for over 30 years, holding senior positions in a number of software and service firms, including CAPS, Russell/Mellon and MSCI. Mick was one of the founders of performance and attribution software firm Applied4 Technology, which was acquired by RiskMetrics Group in 2008.

Anthony Howland has been in the investment management business for 30 years and has held senior positions in numerous software firms, including Milestone Group and BI-SAM Technologies. He co-founded GIPS compliance vendor Performa Consultants in 1999 and successfully sold the company to StatPro Group in 2008.



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