Teknometry Extensions

TekGEN and TekAPI are extensions to the Teknometry platform that provide access to the system functionality and data via web services. TekAPI can be used with a wide range of application and TekGEN is an add-in specifically for Excel.


Through TekAPI, users are able to access a variety of web services, principally to extract and cache performance information that can be used within the local application, typically for additional analysis and reporting. TekAPI exposes a simple Application Programming Interface (API) that can be used to obtain information such as Base Rate of Returns or Start Market Values for a sector or security in any asset pool (portfolio or benchmark), currency or time period.

TekAPI retrieves relevant information from the Teknometry system running in the Microsoft Azure cloud and stores the information in a local cache isolated and held within TekAPI. This is used to ensure that similar or related information can be retrieved quickly and so network calls are kept to a minimum.

TekAPI is designed to be used by users who possess a basic knowledge of programming, but ideally have an IT development background.

Technical Information

TekAPI is a .Net Assembly / DLL (Dynamic Link Library) written in C# that exposes a COM (Component Object Model) interface so that it may be referenced and used from a variety of development environments or from popular desktop tools such as Excel or Word. TekAPI is compatible for use with all versions of Microsoft Office from 2007 onwards. Windows Administrator privileges are required to install TekAPI.

Teknometry also supply sample Visual Basic for Application (VBA) modules and template forms that can be used to wrap the underlying calls to TekAPI. This allows users to configure their own preferences to deal with error handling or for display such as simply deciding whether to replace missing data by a “-“, “*” or “N/A” etc.

TekGEN Excel Add-in

TekGEN is an Excel add-in that provides Teknometry users with the ability to quickly and easily generate performance reports in Excel, via a new ribbon bar tab.Within Excel, the user can select the Teknometry TekGEN tab on the ribbon bar and sign-in to use TekGEN.

TekGEN then caches common information, such as the lists of available Asset Pools (portfolios, funds, benchmarks etc.) and currencies available, so the user can decide on the format and content of the Excel worksheet.

TekGEN functions as a manipulator on an OLAP cube with the dimensions: Asset Pools (portfolios and benchmarks); Currency; Instruments; Periods and Variables. By slicing and dicing the cube to display the information in the desired form the user can easily retrieve the information into Excel. The screenshot below shows an example of Base Rate of Return over different Periods.

Access Teknometry data from Excel using TekGEN

TekGEN is a VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office), Excel add-in written in C# and utilises TekAPI to access web services and retrieve information from the Teknometry system. It can be used with versions of Excel in Microsoft Office 2010 or later.